Top 5 Best Cheap Cigars

It is safe to assume that every cigar smoker has been in a situation where he wanted to enjoy a nice cigar, but his funds were a little bit low. This is not a situation any cigar lover wants to find himself in, but if it happens to you, hopefully you will be prepared.


Below is a list of the top 5 cheap cigars that are available nationwide. The cigars on this list are all priced at under $3.00 per cigar, and all offer a good smoking experience.

Note: Some prices have changed since this list was first compiled. Two of these cigars have been priced over $3.00.

  • Flor De Gonzalez Torpedo Sumatra
    • Pack of 20 cigars for $29.00 – $1.45 per cigar

    This cheap cigar from Flor De Gonzalez has a medium body, and an earthy, spicy flavor. It has a smooth consistent draw, and for just $1.56 per cigar it can’t be beat if you are looking for a good cheap cigar.

  • Don Rafael #57 Natural Robusto
    • Pack of 25 Cigars for $64.00 – $2.56 per cigar

    The Don Rafael line of cigars was created to compete with the very popular Macanudo brand, and that is exactly what this cheap cigar does. If you are a fan of Macanudo, and you find yourself low on cash, reach for a Don Rafael. If you remove the cigar ring you might be able to fool yourself into thinking you are smoking a Macanudo.

  • Mayorga High Octane Torpedo Maduro
    • Pack of 20 Cigars for $64.00 – $3.20 per cigar

    This offering from Mayorga includes an aged maduro wrapper, and a mild smoke that other more expensive Dominican cigars are famous for. The price on these cigars is low because Mayorga is a new brand of cigars, but once more cigar lovers try these cigars, the price is sure to go up quickly.

  • Gurkha Sherpa Toro
    • Pack of 20 Cigars for $49.99 – $2.50 per cigar

    Any time you can pick up a premium brand name cigar at a cheap price like this you should do it. The Gurkha Sherpa Toro is an excellent medium bodied cigar that stays smooth and delicious all the way through. Check out the full review of the Gurkha Sherpa Toro cigar here.

  • Amoroso Torpedo Connecticut
    • Pack of 20 Cigars for $61.00 – $3.05 per cigar

    This cigar from Amoroso is a mild-medium bodied blend of hearty Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers finished in a natural connecticut shade wrapper. You might expect to pay over $8.00 for a blend of tobacco with a wrapper like this, so at under $3.00 per cigar this is a real steal and a great smoke for a cigar lover on a budget.


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