Top 5 Best Cigars For Celebrating a New Baby

Congratulations, dad!!! You just had a new baby boy or girl. How are you going to celebrate? Why not keep the tradition of giving cigars alive? For hundreds of years, fathers have been giving cigars to all of his friends and family in celebration of his new child. Unfortunately, some people have resorted to giving candy or bubble gum cigars, instead of real cigars. Bubble gum cigars don’t quite have the same amount of class as a fine cigar. A fine cigar allows you to show your true gratitude and appreciation for all of the support from your family and friends.

Below is a list of the top 5 best cigars for celebrating your new baby.  These cigars will all offer an excellent, mild smoking experience for a reasonable price, that is sure to appeal to all of the recipients.

  • La Princesa De Cuba Toro
    • Price: $96.00 (pack of 20) – $4.80 per cigar

    The La Princesa De Cuba Toro offers delivers a nice mild, but rich flavored smoke that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  The cigar’s smooth draw, combined with its rich flavor, create a fine cigar that should appeal to most, if not all, of your friends and family.

  • Macanudo Gold Crystal
    • Price: $57.00 (pack of eight) – $7.13 per cigar

    A little more expensive, but well worth it. Each cigar is packaged in its own crystal tube, which gives it more a “gift” feel. As for the cigar itself, the Macanudo Gold Crystal offers a mild, super smooth smoke that should go down easy.

  • Don Rafael #67 Churchill
    • Price: $40.00 (pack of 25) – $1.60 per cigar

    If you need a large quantity of cigars to give to everyone, or if you are a little short on funds, the Don Rafael #67 Churchill is a solid choice. SMOKE Magazine gave it this review:

    “Four out of five panelists agree: this is a cigar for everyone. Its mildness and subtle tones of spice and wood, bequeathed to the palate by the Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, make the Don Rafael an excellent all-day smoke.”

  • Arturo Fuente It’s A Boy / Arturo Fuente It’s a Girl
    • Price: $60.00 (box of 25) – $2.40 per cigar
  • If you are looking for the typical “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” cigar, without sacrificing on the quality, the Arturo Fuente is the choice for you. The “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” wording is printed on the cellophane of each cigar. As for the cigar itself, it follows in the same “bloodline” as the rest of the Arturo Fuente family of cigars. It is a great quality, mild cigar and can be had at a great value to top it off.

  • It’s a Boy/It’s a Girl Personalized Cigar (with Matching Box) by Thompson Cigar Company
    • Price: $108.00 (box of 25) – $4.32 per cigar

    If you really want to put a personalized touch on the this momentous occasion, what better way to do that than getting a personalized cigar to give to you family and friends. You will get “premium hand-rolled long filler cigars from the Dominican Republic” that have personalized bands that include a custom message written by you. In addition to the cigars, you will also get a matching personalized box as well. If you need more cigars or want a personalized humidor to match your cigars, you can also get 100 cigars and a humidor for roughly the same per cigar price.


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