Top 5 Best Flavored Cigars


If you haven’t tried a flavored cigar you could be missing out on a magnificent cigar smoking experience. Flavored cigars are not for everyone, but those who do enjoy them often exclusively smoke flavored cigars.

Beginning cigar smokers should not be dissuaded by some alleged cigar ‘experts’ who claim flavored cigars aren’t true cigars. The reality is, a good flavored cigar can be a nice sweet treat, and an inexpensive way to enjoy a relaxing smoke.

There are a lot of brands, sizes, and flavors to choose from, but here are five of the best flavored cigars that are on the market today:

  1. CAO Moontrance
  2. Price: $119.00 (box of 20 – Corona) – $5.95 per cigar
    One of the more interesting and unique flavors available, the CAO Moontrance has a bourbon vanilla flavor blended with exotic fruits. In addition to those flavors, they even manage to slip in a little honey essence to top it off. It sounds like an abundance of flavors, but they all blend together nicely to create a sweet little smoke. CAO also offers other flavors like Bella Vanilla, Earth Nectar, Eileen’s Dream, and Gold Honey.

  3. CAO Bella Vanilla Robusto
  4. Price: $83.80 (box of 20 – Petite Corona) – $4.19 per cigar
    The CAO Bella Vanilla Robusto is a mild to medium bodied, sweet tasting cigar, with an even sweeter aroma for all to enjoy. The vanilla flavor is neither too strong, nor too weak. It is perfectly balanced with the rest of the cigar “ingredients.” CAO offers a wide variety of top quality flavored cigars.

  5. Tabak Especial Corona Coffee
  6. Price: $106.50 (box of 24 – Corona) – $4.43 per cigar
    What to do you get when premium cigars with Nicaraguan coffee beans? The answer is a wonderful cigar by the name of Tabak Especial. This combination of “ingredients” gives this cigar a medium-bodied, mocha-espresso treat that is smooth and satisfying to even the most refined smoker.

  7. Cuban Delights Corona Rum
  8. Price: $85.00 (box of 50 – Corona) – $1.70 per cigar
    The Cuban Delights Corona Rum cigar offers the pleasant combination of Dominican tobacco and a cherry rum flavoring. For the price, this flavored cigar is hard to beat. Cuban Delights also offers decent cherry and vanilla flavored cigars at a good price.

  9. Bahama Mamas Caliente Natural Corona Honey
  10. Price: $98.00 (box of 20 – Corona) – $4.90 per cigar
    A longtime favorite, the Bahama Mamas Caliente Natural Corona Honey has to be on the list. The premium Cuban seed tobacco, infused with the subtle, sweet honey flavor makes for a real “treat” of a cigar. In addition to honey, Bahama Mama Honeys are also available in cherry, vanilla, rum, and mint flavors.


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